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DASA Consulting Services offers flexible business solutions, integrative planning and implementation strategies in two distinctive portfolios – Specialized Professional Consulting Services and General Business Advisory Services.

Specialized Professional Consulting Services:

We are a Consulting Firm specializing in Professional Consulting Services focused on strategic initiatives impacting the Acquisition & Planning Processes for Public and Private Corporations.  We provide a professional project management approach to Purchasing, Contracts and Capital Project Management.

Our Skills and Competencies have developed and evolved over 20+ years in both Private and Public, Service and Manufacturing Industries — over 14 years have been focused at the centralized, corporate strategic level, leading initiatives with engagement at the senior level of organizations.

Leveraging our sound knowledge base, diverse background, professional expertise and skills, we apply committed focus to planning and managing a process that impacts service delivery, achieves long-term efficiencies and delivers on stakeholder expectations.

Our Approach

We help our clients focus their lens on an enterprise wide view of their service and supply needs.  We engage the organization in an integrative planning process that is designed to flush out untapped synergies that are not apparent from a functional, localized, or decentralized view.

By engaging initiative stakeholders both internal and external to the organization, we help our clients leverage synergistic opportunities and plan strategies for negotiating successful service and supply relationships.

We help identify key strategic players in the goods and services supplier base, reduce the number of players and strengthen the relationships by the creation of value in supplier portfolios and growth umbrellas of opportunity.

We help our clients achieve sustainable long term efficiencies for their organization, including:

Corporate cost reductions

Stakeholder satisfaction

Performance Optimization
Service Delivery Excellence

Planning with recognition of Best Practices

Corporate standardization and centralization

Strategic leveraging with Partnership and Alliance development where advantageous


Value maximization

Process reengineering and customer relationship management
Accountability with measurable outcomes

Return on Investment – Lifecycle Efficiencies

General Business Advisory Services:

We provide business owners with independent, unbiased mentoring, support and advice to help them reconnect with their original vision or establish a new vision for their business, and which supports their personal long-term goals — making their lifestyle and retirement plans a certainty.
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